Snowtown Wind Farm

The Snowtown wind farm is owned and operated by TrustPower; a New Zealand based renewable electricity generator and retailing company. The wind farm is located on the Hummock and Barunga Ranges to the West of Snowtown and comprises 47 Turbines.

Why the Barunga Ranges?

Southern Australia is blessed with excellent wind resources, with the rolling hills of South Australia in particular being exposed directly to strong winds off the southern Ocean and also benefitting from thermal wind currents. The Snowtown wind farm has an average wind speed in excess of 8.5 metres per second (m/s) (or 30 kph) and is considered one of the better wind sites in South Australia. The orientation of the ranges allows the wind turbines to be placed perpendicular to the prevailing north westerly and south easterly winds and therefore efficiently harness the energy of the wind

This is also situated close to electrical transmission lines, which export the electricity to the National Electricity Market. The relatively close major electricity loads, including Adelaide to the south, and industrial and mining operations to the north, ensure that electrical losses are minimised. This farm with 47 Turbines can generate enough electricity to power over 70,000 average South Australian homes.

To acknowledge the wind farm, an information and display area west of the Snowtown Soldiers' Memorial Hall was developed in the town by the Snowtown Community Management Committee together with TrustPower by the way of a Turbine Blade measuring 43.25 metres in length from one of the Suzlon S88 Turbines was been erected. At the same time there was some additional fencing done within the area.

More information on the project can be obtained by visiting Snowtown on "your travels".

The construction of the blade and information area

Members of the committee discussing the plans for the project

Members of the committee discussing the plans for the project

Concrete being mixed to cement the posts for the fences

Volunteers constructing the additional fence

The area where the Turbine Blade is to be placed

Volunteers vehicles who attended for the construction

Construction of a flag pole near a cairn which has a plaque on it to commemorate the opening

The area where the blade is to be placed

The area where the blade is to be placed

A member of the committee checking the additional fence

The additional fence near where the blade is to be placed

Construction of a flag pole

The opening of the town feature took place on the 2nd November 2008 and was conducted by the Premier of South Australia, Mr Mike Rann.

The opening day



















A view of the wind farm.